Usefulness of technology in business.

It is over a decade since rapid changes have taken place in the business world. Many people have made a decision to embraced the latest technology to run most of the functions in a business. This ranges from clerical work to services provision and sale of good too. In the past there was a really big struggle in running business more efficiently as it would right now. Without technology in the past most things being done were slow and always cumbersome to handle. Data would always get lost while there were limited chances to monetize business sites. Technology because of being so much limited in the past decades, there were very less chances of expansion and growth.

Accessing finance facilities was as that difficult as automating the office work. Today unlike the past, accessing loan facilities and making payout of dividends and stakes is very much easy. Business men and women would find trouble in the past because things were being processed in a longer period of time. Data handling and processing was time consuming and therefore less customers or clients would be attended in a business. Monetization today is a free and normal thing to do for privately owned sites online to help in revenue generation unlike the PST where there were not any ways to increase generation of revenue in a business.

Today, there very many people who seek consultation online unlike in the past where there were unreliable ways of provided the service via online platforms. Consultation is a specialization by certain groups of people who created consultancy firms in the world about go-wheres in a business. Many business firms dealing with such service have reaped a lot of benefits and also going as far as creating monopoly in the market just like the way Safaricom, a firm by Vodaphone and another firm from United Kingdom, has created large monopoly in East African countries in telecommunications services and products.

Use of technology is good since it minimizes the huge monopoly that is created in regions of multilateral trade. Once a firm embraces new technology, besides the nation doing it as a whole, it is able to function in a competitive business environment by absorbing the monopoly against it by the adjacent firms. Monopoly leads to reduced revenue generation for a firm which has a small share of the market. This makes some to fire off some employees in order to create profit in the tightly competitive market. A world where there are even scammers in cryptic currency business it is really hard a business with a small market share to flourish.


Fixed matches a tussle in life.

Recently there has been a talk of the town that betting is a way to make money and earn income. However, there are crooks who have been easily scamming people billions of money from their pockets. This is a usual thing that I myself have experienced in my life. Clearly and beautifully formated tickets are posted online and they trend so much on the social media that winning becomes the very hard thought in minds. People easily scam others by use of such. Money is easy to send but very hard to receive from people.

Such posts like this one here is a more than 100% risk in life than doing a small farming business. They seal the odds and games which afterwards they are manipulated where by one is provided with the odds which are not confirmed to win. In business, yes, I would agree with you that betting firms are those which make profits but not to extent of being scammed. Looking at the parameters of winning, getting into touch with somebody who sells such games is a difficult thing since they tend to establish some parameters which involve charges of money for one and every reason.

Such tickets as they are called out there by people do not guarantee winning from a betting firm’s bookie. People hardly win but largely lose money from they savings and pockets. I once tended to buy those predictions made on tickets but nothing was worth it. Winning is not guaranteed by use of any method to place a bet where money is being required to be paid in order for the acquisition of the ticket. It is always a lose.Another kind of people who scam others on a daily basis is that which sets up a website with so many graphics and GIFs that identifying the one to choose is quite tricky. They like communicating with people in a concealed way where by they use social media like telegram and WhatsApp into which they have created vast groups to scam new people. It is better to not that betting on fixed matches is a great loss to someone who is in the road to investments.

Best betting strategies.

1) Do not rely in somebody to sell big odds to you. This is something that one really has to avoid so that they can have no chance to scam you.

2) Stake responsibly. In betting one must always bet on what they can afford to lose. Betting is not supposed to be done even by borrowing loans from finance organizations. It should be neither done by borrowing nor filling out loans forms.

3) Following up real teams and games and following up tea!s which have been playing wonderfully. Famous teams are worth betting on to make money.

4) Lookin for sure bets is another great and impeccable way to make money online. Sure bets done on a critical analysis help somebody to make money online and remember this one is very much different from fixed matches tussle.


How important is traffic to blogs?

Good. Even before we talked or move ahead deeper into blogging, there were aims of blogging by individuals. I blog regularly and post interesting articles for people to read. One question is that, how often do they visit my blog to read? Great. There is much important of readership and viewing of blogs content by a considerably higher number of visitors. I like blogging everyday in spite if having less or no visitors coming in to read my content or view my videos.


For the first one year, however, it is sad to hear that not even a single coin would be earned into such a hardworking person’s pocket after blogging for a full year. Well. It is not so bad to be broke on the side of blogging that one should be regretful about it. Not always that blogging consistently pays, but it adds a lot of traffic to the content full time day and night. The consistency is one big factor which would lead to increase of traffic to a blog that is growing to maturity. More people would have interest in reading the articles that are typed in that particular blog.


Blogging refers to writing of articles for a certain targeted group of people to read them and benefit from the content in there at the blog. For a blog to attract more readers, it must have content which is of late events and trends. But the most important thing is to create an interesting content for a blog. The content should consist of what most of the readers in the blogging market need. If the content of the blog speaks of the past and not in the good historical terms, it becomes boring and few people read the content and become satisfied. The content should stick in the blog and the blogger as an administrator should keep updating it but not removing it from the timeline page.

Paid traffic.

This is all about being charge for certain groups or number of people to come and read you blog’s content. Paid traffic is mutually beneficial since it is an assuring thing that the blog is going to have readers within a particular period of time. Paid traffic also leads to increase in the total traffic for a blog since people reading the content will keep changing when traffic is paid for another time, therefore increasing the engagement of the blog with the new and different leaders from around the world.


How to succeed in Business with work ethics.

This refers to the attitude that one has towards his/her own work or job. With strong work ethic, one is likely to succeed in his or her own career while with poor ethics, one is likely not to succeed. A strong work ethics helps a person to earn the respect and business for others. With less work ethics, one mostly likely to have extreme difficulties at work, or even get fired out of the job of employment.

Principles of a Strong Work Ethic
A strong work ethic consists of many factors, including:
  • Responsibility
  • Dependability
  • Professionalism
  • Treating others with respect
  • Following through on your word
  • Accepting additional assignments
  • Being an honest team member
  • Completing work on time.

Work ethics affects work in the following ways.

When we critically look at the above principles, it it not difficult to get to see how a strong ethics impacts individual performance, the relationship with your team, and your career. If you are determined, focused, and exhibit the factors that positively affect work ethic, you can make a name yourself and create more opportunities to success.

Personal or individual performance.

There is a strong coherency between work ethics and benefits to your individual performance. For instance, if one subsequently works to create an improvement to his/her own skills and exceeds expectations, there is more room for opportunities to high job employment and acknowledgement. Moreover, an individual with high personal performance, he/she earns respect of his or her own peers and managers, which improves the working environment.

Relationship with one’s team.

There are very many benefits of demonstrating a solid work ethic within one’s team. First and foremost, dependability is the foundation upon which all relationships are built. If customers cannot count on someone and his/her own co- workers doubt whether he/she will fulfill his/her own commitments, they will have very little success in the business world. Following through one’s own commitment shows that they will take them seriously. One’s team need to have knowledge about how they can count on them and trust them, while demonstrating a good work ethic will reassure success.

Promotions and job retention.

People of get promotions and receive recognition for their work since it tied to their work ethic. Their attention to their performance and dedication to their job. For instance, if your boss sees that you are focused and complete projects as needed, then she’ll know you can be trusted with bigger and better projects in the future.


Business Networking.

This is a vital business growth activity by which a business can flourish and become large. Networking is a way of creating conformity between two or more businesses. Businesses are able to acquire information between them and their beholding factors of business growth in an environment. This is a process which involves conversion of mutual people or clients into customers for a business. These people are those who easily get along with a business and their employees to create a warm relationship amongst them in a business. It is one of the easiest and simplest ways to grow a business on a wider basis so far.

Advantages of business networking.

1)New contacts and referrals.

With business networking, there is increase in the number of contacts for new registration into the business. It also helps in identification of chances newly joint ventures and partnerships or new areas for expansion of the current business. Networking in this case could help in generation of referrals.


In this case, there is a need to communicate with potential clients and business partners on a regular basis which helps in the maintenance of business relationships. Attendance of business luncheons and other networking events enhances personal profiles and as well helps keeping one in front and center in the minds of the right people.

3) Staying sound off current trends.

A business environment keeps changing and it is important to keep up with the target market conditions as well as the overall trends in the industry concerned. Having ample knowledge about a particular market is the most important thing when it comes to developing a successful marketing plan. Staying current is also achieved by attending seminars and networking with peers and business associated on a regular basis will help in staying current.

4) Finding it easy to solve business problems

By business networking, it easy to solve business problems after identifying the correct and right remedies to the problems. For example, to find the best accountant or lawyer, one may find the ideal candidate via networking, or if the business needs equity financing for startup, one may be able to an angel investor or venture capitalist through networking channels.

5) Sharing knowledge:

Networking is the best and most perfect when it comes to expansion of knowledge by taking advantage of the viewpoints and prior experience of others. For example, you are thinking of getting into the import or export business you may be able to get some valuable advice from someone else who has done similar business internationally. Taking advantage of the experiences of others before you invest time and money in a particular venture can be invaluable.



Blogs are my most favourite ways of spending leisure time. I take time to write articles and post them online on my blog. This is one the most important ways to learn more and extend knowledge. I do this on my own since my site is very young and I have not yet gotten any followers in my site. It would be a great pleasure if I had many followers who be getting my content right way from my blog immediately I post articles. My articles are brief and straight to comprehensiveness and to the point. My articles are written from a high standard way in that they have been prepared from high and strong ideas of other more difficult articles and those which shared a wide range of information. My other blog consists of a premium domain and articles holding more on technology. The articles in my blog are brief and don’t contain cumbersome information that is not easy to process. If it had enough followers the better. The followers contribute to almost one hundred percent of engagement of the blog. With enough followers, there is a subsequent traffic and monetization chance starts blossoming. The other factor of earning enough money from a blog is by keep the blog updated and therefore the readers are up to date with the latest information. The articles should have content that is relevant as promised by the large title or heading in the beginning. Writing content that keep swaying away from the heading leads to miserable readership where by it easy to drive away some readers and therefore impacting the readership negatively. To attract more reader however, has been difficult in my other blog.