I think I might be a genius.

Being humbled to talk about myself, I think I might be a genius. Well, why? For a few reasons, it is true. I can talk to people and make them listen to me. Also, I can write and convince people about something. That why I think I might be a genius. For example, lastly, I have tried to tell my friends why taking alcohol is a vice. And beyond just telling them, I have had an aim of trying to transform some from alcoholism into lucrative healthy business. Alcoholism is a vice and many youth should quit and just think about something else that is more healthy.

Speaking to two friends of mine, they had put a serious face that really wanted to tell me that what I was saying to them was really touching their hearts and blowing up in their minds. This was after a serious action taken against illicit brews by the government which had deployed about 50 police men in their jeeps to a certain tenement yard to drive away criminals who have been selling the illicit brews. These two friends of mine had to quit from often visiting of that place to take sips of beer. They paid an immediate attention to internalise the advantages and disadvantages of taking illicit brews.

Illicit brews cause havoc in rural and urban centers. Once a person has drunk brews excessively, they around shouting loud or sing loud music so that may be they can attract attention from other people. This is an abrasive physiological behaviour. Their mind is always put in an odd manner and state whereby they cannot normally behave and keep shut in places rather than go shouting. This is not being a genius. They are always uncomfortable taking out big words meaninglessly out their mouths and they get more and more rowdy in spite of darkness falling in.

Alcoholism basically means addiction to alcohol. This is whereby on feels that something cannot be done first without taking a glass of beer. This does not matter of whether of being a genius can make somebody to relate well with alcohol. Alcohol slowly captures the brains attention over time and therefore it becomes a craving of the body. This is just like pornography which slowly addicts the viewers. Due to alcoholism, this leads to a constant intake of alcohol which is harmful to ones health.

By skwctgme

Business With Information Technology.

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