God is always there for everyone of us.

The Lord is always a faithful God to us. I can remember one day when I found myself being prayed for by neighbouring women at our home. I had to kneel down and close my eyes to darkness and just listen to the heavy and loud meditation they had to God upon my human behaviour. This was not long after I had slapped my mother without an understanding of what I was really doing to her. It was a time that I had forgotten that a mother never forsakes her child. Standing in the middle of other women, after causing chaos I looked at myself on the legs upwards to the chest and realised that other women are now focused at condemning the evil that had entered in me. My mother, not too late, began to shout loud to me in the mother tongue, “You devil, you are condemned in the Name Of Jesus Christ”. This shocked me and looking at my mother filled with anger I shot of my hand to one side of a face and slap sounded loud in the room. Upon doing this, other women meditated hard and painfully due to the act I had just done. Prayers led the room’s vicinity and I had just to kneel down and close my eyes, holding together my two arms on my chest.

Later prayers were over but I was left with so many questions….who had called the women,,,who had told them about my behaviour,,,,and how my secrets of saving our shop’s money into my personal account had been known and many other. All these questions streamed in my mind and without having to get any answer. I had to stay quiet for two days thinking about !myself while mum was trying to ask me of the big silence I had embraced at that time after the women’s day at home. My sister was so afraid that she had to seek the Lord’s assistance, to have courage and chase far away the fear she had gotten during the time I slapped my mum. I was so remorseful that speaking to my dad was a hard thing to do. I let the days pass while I began reading and jotting down the notes on C++ programming language of computers. I laid down my head on the notebook on the first day after keeping away the situation I had face away from my mind. Without having decided to learn little things at that time, my sister and the women, who are my mum’s friends, who still try to come back and pray, since learning was considered as a positive step towards changing in my life.

Some new things came in my mind. I wondered how had attempted to leave godliness and join a secular way of life. My mind blew up into new questions why and how had I forgotten all Bible Verses and could not even say or recite on verse from any book off head. This a great challenge since my sister always read the Bible and made some notes on her bedroom’s wall. I had now to know how to begin a new era of myself, to be a Bible’s friend and take on godliness I had before, otherwise I would not have made women to come to our home for prayers meetings. Besides praying for me, they also praying for the whole family, including the release of my father from jail where he had been jailed for two weeks to give him an assurerity. This had made me to lose hope and the chaos I had caused made me to be taken to the Nyeri Provincial General Hospital for treatment, for which the doctor said that I was suffering from depression.

I was given a medication and that had to continue for nine good months as per the doctor’s prescription. The medicine that he gave me had bad side effects. I was swallowing two tablets in the morning and three in the evening, for which when I was waking up the following day I had rashes on my skin especially the face. I took sodium vaporate tablets twice. This went on for the first two weeks and I made the medication according to the doctor’s prescription. Right now since the beginning of medication, I have been taking them properly, and they have began to be withdrawn one after the other. God is great and I always there for us because the prayers worked and were answered by the Most High God and the violence and chaos I caused in the homestead came to an end after my mind’s physicological status changed.

By skwctgme

Business With Information Technology.

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