Always be hopeful.

There is always hope for everything in life. It does not mean that failing the first time means failure for the rest of the whole life. No. There is success which follows and comes with great determination. In life, there are hills and boundaries to cross through before reaching the far end to success. It comes with motivation and great gratitude towards sessions of life. Success is a life moment when you are heading towards achievement of life goals that you had memorably set.This is what I experienced individually when I began introducing myself to the first blog. It was really strange but awesome thing to start with in my life. From what I heard before opening my first blog, which stayed dormant for more than 2 years without any post being published, was that blogging is a largely paying career on the start of a blog without having to struggle so much. But it was not a herald for me. Clearly, I had found blogging as a good thing, simply as a positive attitude towards it, to keep doing but I cannot explain why it went for two years without maintaining it. I just wrote a code and tried to make it a s comprehensive as possible. This was after inviting people as administrators. Sitting alone in my room, I recalled only few boys then who I was learning with computer studies in high school. I have already created so many WhatsApp groups by then after completely Hugh school, just like two months later.I visited a Airtel Kenya where I needed to subscribe for a sim card service. I had already made a scuffle and commanded my dad in presence of my mother to buy me my first smart phone. My mother spoke and moved closer to me and my dad, having in mind questions on why I had seemed to be rude and aggressive. This did not take so long before I did the same for a laptop. My dad gave me Kshs 5000 notes,which I slipped and counted then one by one fivefold. My mum looked at the money by having a glance, and what was left for me was to demand for transport fare to go to Nyeri Town to purchase Itel1503 Smart Phone. It was a nice 4′ smart phone whose use I had little knowledge about. My friends though that it was the time to compete at buying the best smart phones. Some even went ahead to demand for tablets from their parents.Secondly, my county ward, faced network connectivity deficiency, where by there was only 2G network broadband. I had to think of getting connected to the internet as fast as possible. This implied that I had to connect to a WiFi which was not a common thing from where I was brought up. I was the first guy to purchase a router and another second sim card to make use of. The Itel1503 was not so powerful that even sometimes the network went unavailable. I visited Airtel again for the purchase of a second sim card. I did not have any idea of creating a blog, which right now would by my source of passive income. I never had any other idea but to install a gunship battle mobile game. I spent a lot of time playing the game, without recording a gameplay and uploading it to twitch nor you tube. I had made a blossoming decision , to create a you tube channel just because I had come across a paying idea from monetization of videos.That how I delayed in my blogging activity. Right now, I have recently opened my blog last month, which was the mid of October. This was a thing which I had to be very hopeful about. I had some hope on making my blog get at least 50 likes and 100 views. All these I had to do everyday with consistency and I believe that my blogging is going to be a success.

By skwctgme

Business With Information Technology.

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