#repost Television streaming services.

Video streaming services have increased in India and United States of America over the decade. This is because of the nice videos and movies shown in the Televisions of Live Streams are of tantalising quality. Many companies have come up over many years since streaming was invented. Videos streaming services have become very much competitive in the United States of America and India. Most of the providers are bringing offers to proof that their services are of high quality and more welcoming to their customers. There are three major providers of Television Streaming services in both continents. These are Apple TV+, Netflix, and Hotstar television. These are the main leaders in the market who provide good and high quality streaming televisions.

1)Apple TV+:

Apple TV+ is a streaming service from Apple Company. This is one of the major television services that are offered in the world by Apple. It is currently providing a full year free of charge streaming service. Happy are the people who have purchased iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or iMac for they shall be able to enjoy a free streaming service for on year from September 2nd. Apple TV+ also includes documentaries and movies from which many viewers become tantalised. The company will thereafter start charging people when the free trial is over.

2) Netflix:

This is another streaming platform that follows Apple TV+ in provision of free streaming services or offers. Netflix has got many subscribers from which the viewing comes from. Netflix provides a free trial for one month only to people who want to access their streaming services. Netflix gives very hot movies and programs which other platforms cannot provide. For one to be able to stream on Netflix, he or she should or is supposed to open a streaming account with Netflix using their email. That is how Netflix is much better than other streaming services.

3) Hotstar:

Hotstar is an international streaming platform which ranks third according to India’s statistical data of streaming platforms. Hotstar has fewer subscribers in comparison with Netflix and Apple TV+ and provides a free trial for all the time. However, in spite of providing Hotstar VIP and Hotstar Premium, one has to pay from them to be able to watch content from each of them. By leaving the free content on the Hotstar platform, one is directed to click a tab that is going to lead to Hotstar premium and Hotstar VIP.

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