#repost Safaricom PLC Kenya

The United Kingdom has been always identified as a region that is influential in very many activities. These are like betting on sports, pornography and hip pop music entertainment. However, it is the place around England that has best learning institutions, and today it is not even easy to say which nation had the best ISP. SAFARICOM Public Limited Company is a Kenyan firm that through the media, it had been making a very high revenue since its operations in Kenya. With a mention of its name, it instantly brings technology thinking in our minds. Without the firm in Kenya, we would not have benefited from the following.

1) A vast education benefit to the youth and adults. It is the basis for learning how an electronic device works or functions to process the user’s data.

2) A strong and powerful broadband that is integrated with the provision for Internet. This is used in schools, universities, business premises, restaurants, open leisure places and public places.

3) Mobile money facilities, that are each assigned to staff or employees called agents. These people serve the customers everyday to help them either deposit or withdraw funds from their mobile phones by use of a SIM Toolkit or mySafaricom app from Google Play Store.

4) Learning of decent languages from the firm’s leaders as the address people via the media or news blogs. They stand in a place which nobody has to grasp a point in the mother tongue. This helps students to write and speak in English to give the best results to their families. This firm is a partnership between two intelligent or very elite Information Technology companies in England. Personalities have developed the components of the product to ensure that there is complete provision of communication services. Since inception of SAFARICOM in Kenya, there have been very many changes in its business operations and service provisions. The firm had very less products to market in the country. It had many agents that worked for it in every constituency a decade ago, while it also had to spend a lot of money to advertise the mobile money services.

Customer care had to keep giving out codes to access cheap products. These are music tunes, calls, please call me, electronic top ups and credit balances. They were called Voda Phone, and they had a small mobile phone by then which had a tiny green screen, less buttons before they began offering for free to customers mobile phones, for example, Motorola, that came in an very interesting box with a headset, a charger and customer user guide document. This astonished every Kenyan, how the England or Europe had gone very far in technology to be able to control calls using mobile technology, instead of tolls that used coin slots. The company, in spite of facing challenges in Kenya, has been able to be the best option for every Kenyan. It has facilitated faster internet by establishment of servers and network devices which spread over 3G and 4G to customers.

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Business With Information Technology.

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