New way to get paid at WORDPRESS.

WORDPRESS is among the leading purveyors of internet in blog framework and hosting. It has made a decision to making blogging more sustainable by allowing sites to easily accept recurring payments. This toll will be availed to anyone with a paid WORDPRESS site and to sites that use the company’s jetpack toolkit.

Blogging has been declining in its popularity from its heyday in the aughts, when one could earn enough money to live on just from maintaining and managing one’s site. Blogging is not dead but absolutely live on support because of being hard to make money of it.

Mark Armstrong, the founder of Long reads and an editors at Automatic WORDPRESS Parent Company, said that especially from a small publisher, small business, sustainability perspective, subscriptions and memberships are such a key foundational element to monetizing your site in 2019.

The idea was to build something simple that could be integrated relatively easily, so that sites could immediately begin collecting revenue from their audiences. Armstrong said than an early version of the product was first tested at Long reads. He said that they provided a lot of feedback in terms of the things that we had seen. He added that they had a membership and subscriptions for Long reads, going back to 2011.So about eight years experience working with memberships and subscriptions.

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