Just passed 4000+ views.

Over the past week I have been going on writing and since I did not readily have anything to write on, I really had to first think of what to write on. My blog has been proceeding well with now over 85+ posts. They are interesting with likes received from some of my followers and readers. Today I am very surprised to see a spike in my views. Blogging on WORDPRESS is much interesting and worth spending time on.

WORDPRESS is very good at notifying people of any new follower or likes or even comments and likes on comments. This is very good at keeping the user motivated to keep writing more posts. It has been not a hectic but easy writing responsibility for me and my administrators. I like sharing content to my followers all the time and before I have my meals during the day, first I have to share my blog posts and see what is next to be published. I use a tablet to write posts and my visitors have been increasing.

By skwctgme

Business With Information Technology.

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