Opera news app

These times getting the news and latest updates the easiest way is by downloading and installing a mobile news app. However, there are merits and demerits of doing so in a smart phone. Some applications deliver news instantly after the event has taken place. One app that is common in delivering news in the fastest way possible is opera news app.

App settings:

The app allows people to create an account with them as the first thing or step to take after installing the mobile application. It has very many sections in the settings page. The app allows users to create very many themes and to manage the start page content. One can clear the browsing data and also change the mode from light to night mode. One can click to change the languages from languages to another comprehensive one. One can also decide to make it the default browser in the mobile smart phone. Page layout can either be portrait or landscape.

How it functions:

The app fills its homepage with a lot of news content which is accompanied by banner ads across the news headlines. News headlines are shown off according to the categorised section. There is a section or news category for politics, health, business, agriculture, technology, fashion, among others. It brings notifications and the users once notified they can read the news more efficiently. It functions on a free basis, hence no premium charges incurred. This app is helpful when it comes to delivery of news and works properly everyday to provide latest news on events taking place across the world.


1) It is user friendly: the application is user friendly when it comes to analysing news articles and commenting on news articles’ sections. The app is very useful when it comes to delivery of news instantly.

2) Easy to use: The application does not have a complicated dashboard and the theme is easy to cope up with. The application is easy to use and therefore it has an assured maximum utility.

3) Very informative: the app once news posts it delivers them online and users find it very easy to process all the news updates on time. This is a very good advantage when it comes to attracting new readers all the time.


1) Deceptive ads: the mobile app has got many deceptive ads mostly on online gaming. Betting firms pay money to new apps companies especially the opera news app so that ads can display.

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