My small kid neighbour

My small neighbour is boy and is aged 2 to 3 years now. He is able to walk around and starting to step the journey to a life. He contemplates and swooshes his way to know where the right road is. His is a dear darling Leii as we call his name. He is a small ambitious boy who is training to speak in eloquent English. The life of a young boy starting with engagement in young engineering services. We love my small neighbour very much, who his mother lost a husband in a quarry accident. Therefore, it is the beginning of a new life for the family. We tried so much to console with them after we sent enough condolences to them. He socializes well with other young children from the estate and Kiricho town and this makes it a very interesting part or kind of life. His is physiologically healthy ( and last time we took him to a dispensary for immunization he was more than alive and kicking) and now he make one step to the next accordingly. His little belly is standing out of the body and begins to work well since he eat on more fibrous fruits to prevent him from constipating. He has to brush teeth everyday and floss. All that he learns slowly by slowly and therefore he will be among the cleanest and most tidy children in the Kiricho town centre. He wears shoes from mtumba and he is yet to be wearing the right shoes when joins high school. His hair is neat and does not have dandruff.

By skwctgme

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