Nyeri County.

The above picture shall take your mind around agriculture. This is due to some kind of farming being seen taking place. However, I myself took the photography on top of a railway line bridge. It looks like it’s dawn. Yes it really is dawn. But if you can look close, the river is calm and nobody is sailing through on a boat or a yatch. It is looks like it’s a rainy season but at the time when rain is not falling in the event. The weather is calm and trees stand quiet on the river bed. But guess what rightly, fishing might be a thing being done around. The river looks to be a permanent river. It is relied for fishing, growing crops, and rearing bees. It is easy to note that people are making an attempt to grow sugarcane like crops in the garden beside the river. This has gone beyond to crack Nyeri County by a one and single photograph. The quantity of crops being grown particularly in the garden will tell what kind of farming is being done.

The rains fall in Nyeri County to bring back the flowing of some temporary rivers. Rivers go dry over a summer and equinox seasons and animals have less water to quench the thirst. The level of milk production in Nyeri therefore might be varying in seasons of an year. Farmers have either to decide to grow their own pastures during the dry seasons. This is called irrigation.

When I was taking the photographs it was an evening heading to dawn. I could not trouble my tablet sensitive to the high temperatures by taking the tablet out into lots of photographing with the perpendicular sun shining on top of my head. During the day in the county the sun is usually very hot on a clear blue sky such that any smart phone of Android version 6 and above notifies of high temperatures. Therefore, the best time to take photographs is during the day. Leaving such a smartphone in the sun may lead to damaging of its quiescent fluid below the screen. From the second photograph, it is easy to see the kind of bridge. For now, we are not doing security login to identify objects. On the water below there is a passing structure above it which reflects on the surface of water. It is a road bridge this time. A tarmac road passes on top of the river and many vehicles ranging from Probox to Isuzu trucks pass through there when carrying farm produce and quarry rocks respectively. This is all man’s hustle to changing his living standards.

By skwctgme

Business With Information Technology.

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