Twitter to personalize individuals with topics.

Twitters requires to have its users to stick to its platform without quoting very early. Moreover, it is working to attract new users to keep them stuck to its platform. Twitter announced that it was trying to get out an experiment of topics on mid August and has now began to roll out, hoping that it will achieve to keep its users to the platform and still attract more new users. The topics work as follows:

1) Use of keywords:

Twitter will male use of keywords by beginning to scan new tweets for interest based (not images or videos). The company the looks out to see if the tweets are from amiable people and looks at their engagement by seeing how many people are actually interested in this topic to have interacted with said tweet either by giving a like, a rebuild or replying to it. If the said tweets have more engagement, they make it to topics.

2) Interest based follow model:

By following topics, you will begin seeing new tweets that are associated with a particular kind of interest even from people you don’t actually follow. Twitter is now moving to an interested based follow model. Topics involved include:

– Twitter allowing users to follow 300+ subjects in their to!Elaine and topics will range from sports, gaming and entertainment. However, politics will not be included while the company banned political ads recently. Topics will come in handy to new users who are still figuring out who to follow in the sign up process can be intimidating even after Twitter suggests to you who to follow.

Twitter topics would have been heaven sent to us when we first joined twitter. Let us not judge one another. I am excited that even current and older users will use topics to discover new interests and keep up with them in a more easier

3) Images courtesy | verge.

The future of topics and upcoming features. Twitter is planning to add more topics in future updates of mobile and desktop apps. The company is also working very much to test what it calls” Narrow Casting,” where you will be able to tweet to followers of a particular subject. The twitter team us also working a feature to mute topics. Another future will also be the ability to be able to browse topics on the explore page and to view topics on a dedicated list. In a verge interview, Rob Bishop, who is a twitter product said that as with any machine learning problem, they learn the most from putting that in customer’s hands, and seeing what they engage with so they can build better models. He also added that their goal is to get that out as quickly as possible and get people using it so they can improve their algorithms.

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