You Tube subscribers.

You Tube is a big worldwide company and firm that is most thriving in the technology world and digital marketing for any of all information. It functions by having a big server space and storage for all types of videos, ranging from 144p to 1080p HQ (High Quality ) videos. This company is successful since it one of the largest which generate high revenue which makes its functioning to be stable and ever lasting.

You Tube being larger LLC company.

You Tube as we have seen it as a big firm, it began by the owners, former PayPal employees buying a domain from one of the internet investors. They developed the website whose purpose was to be posting unforgettable videos of all time. This led to more attraction of the You Tube users(or you tubers) than ever before and live streamers who made major part of the revenue generation customers in the world for You Tube LLC.

It has its headquarters in the United States of America and that is the place where local servers have been established. It is the heart of You Tube and thus a lot of control is based in the American headquarters. For any employment opportunities, they begin from the management at the headquarters where announcements are published in the social media. You Tube has a potential to employ thousands of agents across the world.

Functioning of You Tube.

You Tube has its own community guidelines and therefore before upload of any video content, there is a careful and critical checks for the video content. You Tube is as big as its own customer base since it has to monitor all of its functioning and to verify video content before upload is done. Also, it has to control all the qualities of videos and checks on copyright ownership is run online to ensure that videos have their own rightful owners.

You Tube has a creator studio in which the user can click to view about the videos uploaded, views and make many edits. Such edits are as changing the music or audio for videos. The video has its own “Info and settings place ” where they can click to view about the editable video components. The user, in the creator studio is able to manage all kinds of video content formating and make many decisions on how to change one settings to another.

You Tube also has a video manager which the user can check on monetization options and thresholds. Monetization refers to change of video’s traffic into money by use of advertisements placements in the video. Advertisements in videos comes as a result of monetization being put on or in place. Thresholds are the subscription limit and watch time in hours. This makes You Tube a particular and unique moneymaking website.

Subscription refers to click the subscribe button and becoming part of fan community in a particular channel. This has to be done by more than 1000 people in less than one year. While subscribers are still in the count, there has to be watch of about 4000 hours and more in a period of less than one year or twelve months. You Tube does that to allow monetization of videos and those are the thresholds before placement of advertisements has been done in the ( ) .

There are many types of advertisements that can be made available on a You Tube website. Some in-video ads while those others are video ads and cross-through ads in which when clicked the user is paid according to the Cost Per Click (CPC). These advertisements are placed after monetization and it the audience of the You Tube channel decides the kind of pay the channel owner is going to get paid.

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