Travelled for 10 hours from Home to Eldoret Moi University.

It was a very hectic journey to travel from home to Eldoret town. I found !any reason why there was traffic jam and therefore more hours of delaying the journey. I tried to blog during the journey yesterday to keep my blog followers excited and imagine I did twice than how I thought I would. WORDPRESS is very much easier to blog on while travelling and publishing the articles for the blog is just a blink of an eye. Problems for blogging while travelling include poor network connectivity in some places, which lead to failure of blogs publishing of articles. Uploading information at such places is a difficult and time consuming work.

I endured to travel even on roads that had potholes since typing data was really difficult and hectic. I had to first switch off my tablet until the Public Service Vehicle Nissan 10- seater reached to place where there was smooth roads.

By skwctgme

Business With Information Technology.

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