Android Apps.

Android is one of the most thriving programming companies and OS in the world. They have come up with over 1 billion total applications only for the mobile devices, and goes about to three times Palm Play. Android has been in the market galore for more than a decade know installed in 80% of all kinds of smart phones. In South Korea, for example, The Samsung brand is manufactures in the country while assembly is done at Hong Kong, China. An Operating System is a program which governs the functioning of any electronic device. The android apps also seem to be usable in Microsoft Operating System in form of blue stacks that has every latest android app in it. People choose Android due to the following reasons:

1) Cheap and affordable. Android is a software that is more affordable than Windows from Microsoft and Apple iOS.

2)Users friendly. It is easy to get along with android. It also easier than getting along into utilisation that Windows OS and iOS.

3)Offers of products. Android gives myriads of offers to customers world wide, based on purchase of their products.

4)UX Improvements. This is referred to as user experience improvement to ensure that customers are comfortable with the product.


This world has more than 1 billion apps and which keep increasing based on the success of awesome programming and critical research in the world technology. Chinese have also developed so many applications that it is not easy to get the number by counting them one by one from the locations where the applications have been placed or positioned, such as , Google Play Store.

1) By purpose, Google Play store already provided uncountable number of mobile applications. For example, games category in Google Play Store provided very many of them that even to calculate the number is merely difficult. Games from the Google Play Store have their particular series too, for example, Asphalt Series has more than three types of Asphalt Games.

2) By categories, for example, Games, Entertainment, News and Science too there is a considerable high number of mobile applications in the world from developers. Games, a rocket that is very popular amongst the youth, has very many of mobile games categorised in form of racing, soccer FIFA, war, flying, gambling, and many others.

3) By developers, some firms specialise in developing one kind of application. They specialise in mobile software development to provide high quality products in form of mobile computer programs. They develop a large number of applications and over a period of more than seven years they have millions of applications particularly in the Google Play Store.

4) The high number of smart phones brands in the world also gives an evidence as to why the world may have 1 billion applications. For example, the Applications installed on a Huawei Mobile Phone are not the same as those which are installed in an itel1503 smart phones. Taking into consideration the particular apps installed on one type of smartphone, there would be very many of apps since the brands increase day to day in the world.

5) Increasing Information Technology institutions as they are established very many times. In those institutions, students are able to develop applications as a result of projects given out to them by the lecturers. Students may also want to have their own individual personalized projects. Therefore, the world may have many apps developed by a huge number of students in the universities and colleges.

6) Development of many global businesses where many roles have been computerised. These give us another reason why there would be 1 billion apps in this world. Businesses are not the same and each seeks a more modern and decent way of running the businesses. Therefore, depending on the kind of business activity for every premise, there is a particular kind of application in use by the management and department heads

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