How to increase WORDPRESS followers.

1) Share interesting blog posts.

Many followers will always visit your blog because it has interesting posts. With interesting blog posts, you can attract quite a good number of followers to your blog. By doing so, always ensure that the blog posts are eye-catching and never lose readers along the way. Followers are always in want of blog posts that will mean their day good and proper. The followers don’t just come once in a blink of an eye, but it should be a progressive assignment and action that one has to do online and make the WORDPRESS followers come one after another in a day or a week. The blog posts that are interesting should not be deleted but kept in place permanently to help them be accessed by the newly coming readers. After they read the posts, they may decide to follow the blog at the most highly likelihood, than otherwise not following the blog.

2) Be consistent.

Sharing one interesting blog story does not mean that it is enough for the week. Do it on a daily basis is the best way and thing that will keep followers coming to read the stories on timeline ( or the reader). This is what we call daily consistency. It makes the readers glad of the blog they are following and end up sharing the blog posts online to their social media for other people to read. Consistency helps blog posts to keep a blog active, which is what the followers today want for many blogs to be. Failure to being active in sharing interesting stories, the blog ends up creating doubts and followers decide leave of your blog and follow other blogs instead of yours. Always be consistent in sharing interesting blog posts and that will be the greatest daily objective of getting more followers.

3) Tagging other bloggers.

Tagging is uniquely mentioning other bloggers in your blog posts. First of all, bloggers share different kinds of posts and therefore, your blog post is which will determine what kind of bloggers to tag first. Tagging creates a good blogosphere interrelationships where by bloggers meet together to do the following :

1) Read content:

Blogger tagged will need to read the content of the blog that has just tagged them. This will keep the blog posts attaining more views and likes.

2) Acquire new ideas:

Well, a blog is there to be written in and share wonderful stories. However, beyond the lines, bloggers need to read the blog and get new ideas that will blow up their minds.

3) Like and comment:

Bloggers feel very glad once their blog has been mentioned and commented on. This is done when other bloggers read through the posts content and find it very interesting.

By skwctgme

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3 replies on “How to increase WORDPRESS followers.”

Hello there. I really liked what you said about keeping things positive. That is the one thing that keeps me coming back to this forum versus other traditional or social media forums.

Tagging? I get this in the context of Instagram/Facebook… etc. Are you talking about back linking or something else. I am always looking for new ways to grow, and am grateful for the wisdom you shared here.


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