Money and variance.

Money is the value of exchange for goods and services. It is a very important thing to have money moving slowly into an individual’s account in a bank. Money keeps changing and is available at the following instances:

1) Currency exchange:

When exchanging currency, there is a variance every second of time. This variance is caused by different reasons. Currency exchange involves buying and selling of currency. Currency in this case is not the money but is the value of the money that is in place for trading in order to exchange it at currency exchange points. Profit or loss is either realised. When one buys currency at a certain price, he or she has to sell it after the time it either increases or decreases its value. When it decreases its value and sold by the individual, there is loss made by the person involved in the trade. However, when currency increases its value and sold by an individual, there is realisation of profit.

2) Bitcoin mining:

The value of a crypto-currency matters a lot. Bitcoin mining is done at any time and once Bitcoin is processed it is stored for future profit realisation. It more risky to sell Bitcoin when its value has dropped due to certain factors. Bitcoin mining is very essential when it comes to making money online on trade. The analysis of Bitcoin is very helpful when it comes to recording of transactions from a Central Bank. Like any other currency, however, Bitcoin has a buying and selling price. When the initial price rises, Bitcoin would have brought or made a lot of profit for the individual business person. However, when the initial price goes down over a time, there has to a delay until when the coin will sell at a profit. If a trader decides to sell it earlier before the price goes up, there would be loss made instead of profit.

3) Sale of goods and services.

Money can be easily made by sale of goods and services at a profit. A business person does a research and analysis the most wanted or needed goods and services in a market and works to avail them to people. Goods sold most of the times cannot be returned to the merchant. Services are like education, drama and consultancy. The merchant in this case has to go to a wholesaler, a firm or processing company to buy goods at the first hand and transport them to the store by use of a method such as the North West Corner rule. This merchant has one main objective, and that is making profit of course. For much profit to be realised, goods and services to be sold must be of high quality. For instance, if education is of high quality, the amount of fees paid will be higher than the amount of money to be paid to the teachers, tutors or lectures by a board.

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