Early blogging experience.

There has been a dramatic change in what is making the today’s business seem like just swallowing a glass of cold water in a hot day. Everyday I wake up in the morning or before I sleep in the evening, I have to ensure that my blog is consistently updated.

Factors affecting my blog as early as now:

1)Getting impressive content:

I have to think twice once and again before I get what to write in my blog. I have to think what my followers really want and I have to deliver it at the right time. People as an audience have different expectations and their needs must be fulfilled as early or as soon as possible. The content should target a certain group of people in my niche- Business Information Technology. While reading the content, it should be easy to understand and eye catching. Content is always available from what I experience in my real life blogging work. I have to do this everyday to ensure that there is a lot of blogging consistency. This has to become the norm of my first blog that I recently created.

2) Relying on authentic devices:

While blogging, it good and up to the mark to it most efficiently as possible. Today technology is as much reliable as having an autocorrect component on the Android keyboard that I make use while writing. The device must be able to connect to the enhanced 3G network in order to avoid delays while publishing articles. Without VoLTE or Voice Long Term Evolution, there are a lot of hectic delays while publishing online work or assignment on freelancing grounds. WORDPRESS is a site that needs a fast networking configuration in order to make all the work being done as easy as possible. Device being used should not be disconnecting promptly in order to make the work being done be on efficiency grounds.

3) Reading through other blogs:

I usually read through other blogs immediately after publishing my work on the blog. This is by clicking on the reader button which redirects me to the reader page category. After this, the reader loads and begins to drop the blog posts published by other bloggers. I like WORDPRESS because it brings up related content right below each of the blog posts that I read. That is probably the main reason why WORDPRESS is more liked and preferred to Wix and other sites also. WORDPRESS also puts in blogs on the reader board immediately their authors have published the work online. Read through other blogs helps me to internalise their content and this blows up my mind and widens by ideological thinking to choose what to write on my blog too.

4) Commenting and liking other blogs:

After reading on other blog posts by different publishers, I ensure that I have dropped down several or one comment below each of the blog posts. I made a decision to do this right after publishing my first blog post : ” Blogging”. That most did not go as much viral as I had want it to do. However, after commenting on other blogs, the post managed to get its first 3 like from other publishers who read through it. Therefore commenting assists blogs to get engaged to other different publishers via the reader board. Liking other blog posts helps me to get my blog posts engaged together.

By skwctgme

Business With Information Technology.

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