Blogging potentials.

Everybody has the extent to which they can write and blog in the millions of sites available in the world today. Blogging involves a person to person conversation about anything that concerns them or what they may feel to talk about. It is an activity which takes a lot of joy for people involved and therefore seems not to be consuming a lot of time. I myself I can begin to identify my blogging potential in me by looking at various aspects of blogging that I manage to achieve every day. People differ in their blogging potentials and therefore differently achieve blogging each day.

How do I do it myself?

Once I wake everyday, my minds comes to a point where I begin to think and suggest to myself about which topic to write about. I don’t just guess the topic but I consider which content is going to be put down on my blog as well as comments on other blogs. Writing is very interesting and really helps one to sharpen the writing and blogging skills. I do blogging on a daily basis and I feel uncomfortable once I have not published anything on my blog. Publishing in this case means one hundred percent of the blogging task has been done and completed. I publish an article after ensuring that my posts have no grammatical errors and have interesting contents in them.

Blogging from outside:

Once you take time to explore other blogs, you will realise that there are different tastes and reading energy varies based on what a particular blog has. People have different writing styles for which it must take time to adopt and re – digest to get what taste is a particular blog. Some one comes to the ability to externally comment as part of personal opinion expression. Bloggers will obviously lack a uniformity and write to different extent as I had said earlier. Therefore, there is a change in the number of followings and liking of blog posts by people who take their time read more and more of their content.

Traffic difference effect:

Due to different writing skills and abilities, there is an indirect effect on blogs’ traffic. Good writing skills will attract higher traffic since there will be an attractive component in the blog and certain number of readers will want to have a continued access to the blog. However, blogs which have a stagnantly flowing content without variations in the pleasant content, will not have a continued access by readers since there is less attractive components of prose writing.

Difference in the number of visitors.

Writing potential will initially give higher traffic and attractive different number of visitors. Good potential in writing will attract more visitors and this shall lead to higher traffic of the blog over time. Low writing potential definitely implies that there is a high writing consistency. Higher consistency shall attract more number of visitors while a low writing consistency shall attract less number of visitors. Traffic on a blog overtime shall differ based on the number of visitors and writing consistency.

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