Increase followers, increase traffic.

Social media functions by having a very critically vital component called “followers” or an important activity or role called ,”followings”. Followers are people who now “follow” a social media user account. The followers are the accounts that number on a user account. Why do they follow?

1) Regular chatting.

Once a person has made the decision to create an audience, the person has to regular chat and post it on a timeline and wait to see the reactions of the followers. Followers can either comment, like, or pin the chat. This is for accounts that are either public or private. Regular chatting keeps an audience active and is always eager to wait for more posts from a particular social media account. Commenting and liking the posts helps to make a chat more interesting and nice to the eye.

2) Paid advertising.

Once a social media user wants to have many more followers, they have to do advertising of the account content online and reach more people who can react by either liking, commenting, or following to account. This is by paying for advertising for the content which requires a certain amount of payment per reach. This has a higher probability of attaining more followers than technically going physically to ask people face to face to follow you. Remember that there are millions of social media users in the world.

3) Paid traffic.

Paid traffic brings content into a more closer engagement than staying expecting the normal traffic to raise am audience. There is a lot of content in a site that has to wait for reading by other bloggers or people who login in their social media accounts. Traffic is paid for mainly to increase revenue but supportively, it helps to manage the magnitude of the audience on a particular site.

4) Buy followers.

In the world there are many merchants who work to sell followers and subscribers for instance, you tube subscribers. Followers bought are supposed to be real followers and those that are going to be active over a time. Active followers respond to content and comment and like therefore contributing to increase in the traffic of the particular site.

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