Why United States of America favours bloggers.

1) Low payout in other countries.

Over a decade, there has been a huge number of bloggers coming up in the internet industry. These bloggers have their own different objectives and aims of blogging in wherever continent is their home. However, success has been seen in just a percentage of these bloggers. You could here people talk about how blogging pays a lot of money and how bloggers quickly become successful in life just after a few months of blogging. But this is not the case. Bloggers have been earning considerably average money for their income while very few others have made a huge ransom from it. There is a low payout in other countries since there is no company to bid with for monetization. In the United States, there are companies which pay very well per impression. An example of this and the Google Ad sense.

2) High number of readers.

For a blog to pay money and have a subsequent good number of clicks and views, there should be enough readers. Readers have interest in content that is relevant to their needs and pleasing content is much better for being read a couple of time. United States of America has a huge blogging and reader population therefore contributing to a high and quality viewership for blogs created over sometime like six to ten months period of blogging. Many bloggers present in the United States help the blogging community via collaboration and engagements. Readers are always there to promote content that has been published by bloggers.

3) Blogging consistency in the continent.

In United States, there is a consistency in blogging where by everyday more than ten million articles are written and published in blogs. Consistency in this case is a continued rate of publishing content in blogs. Content is read and also retrieved by free lancers and iwriters who need to get paid for their writing job. Many bloggers have a lot of interest in targeting the readers for their content and therefore they know very well how much of content is needed and have the confidence that their articles writing will easily succeed. Remember that consistency is what keeps people closer to blogs and higher following of bloggers helps them to receive more traffic. Therefore, with many bloggers having a consistency to write imagine how many readers would have been busy reading by making a decision to do so.

4) Blogging passion.

In the United States of America, there is a lot of writing passion which creates high consistency in writing of articles. Blogging passion is what keeps the blogosphere in place and surviving infringement. Blogging passion is found in a high number of bloggers in the continent, therefore a very high incomparable consistency. Articles of different kinds are published online making the blogosphere have irresistible content and therefore this makes it to be highly successful.

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Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Great information in this article. However, some of us don’t blog to make money, we blog as a form of self expression whether through words or pictures. Slow Shutter Speed is my journal of my photography journey. It’s funny that, as a writer, I’ve never journaled, but I’m doing it now through my pictures. Good luck with helping others increase their income!

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