Why bit coin investors are wealthier than oil and gas investors.

In the globe statistics of wealthy trends, bit coin investors have emerged as among the wealthiest group of people in the world. Following what the media is locally and internationally revealing is that bit coin market has grown rapidly over the years and led to creation of more wealthier entrepreneurs in the world. Bit coin has been rising rapidly in its value and therefore made it not any easy to purchase a multiple of it. Reasons why oil and gas investors have been ranked low wealthier than bit coin investors.

1) Political influence in oil and gas investments.

Politics has led to a negative impact on oil and gas investments. Oil and gas are obtained through mining and therefore this would succeed in countries where there is business peace. When there are very much politics, there is a pause in the mining of oil and gas production progress. Politician always wake up determined to have a share of the oil and gas investments and therefore they may end up leading to harsh conditions whereby the value of oil drops and makes it a low yielding business to invest in.

2) Employment of many workers.

For an oil and gas business to succeed, there must be a good number of employees working in the business to ensure that there is ample customer satisfaction. The employees work on shifting basis day and night and must get paid for doing all the tasks that must be done order to keep the business moving in progress. Oil and gas investments involve having many or multiple of branches established or set up in order to help customers be reached in high numbers. This increases the cost of establishing a successful oil and gas business.

3) High supply cost.

Oil and gas involves a constant supply to the multiple branches established by a company. This is not only involving incurrence of employing licensed drivers but also fuel needed by trucks to transport oil from the major source to the multiple branches. Oil and gas are goods which need a lot of care during transportation from the main source to the multiple branches. The cost of supplying oil satisfactorily is high and therefore less yields the entrepreneurs high profits in comparison with crypto-currency investors.

4) High risk to death.

Over the decade, there has been thousands of accidents involving oil and gas suppliers. This is due to explosion of oil and gas containers after accidents take place. This leads to many injuries and deaths once there is less emergency care taken in place. This is much different from crypto-currency where by no risk is involved since there not movement of bit coin from one place to another and basically because bit coin in a harmless technological product. Trading with crypto-currency is healthy and more users friendly than dealing physically with oil and gas.

5) Time consuming transactions

Trading crypto-currency online is more efficient that thinking of how to put oil and gas in a shelf for sale. Before oil and gas are ready to be sold, they must be purified from a privates firm and before they are finally ready for sale, the transaction between miners and suppliers takes a long time. This also delays the time that is going to be spent to supply gas from the source to the final multiple petrol stations. For bit coin and lite coin trading, it is just a simple method by use of an online platform by an electronic device. Bit coin is also paying much and more than free lancing.

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Business With Information Technology.

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