How important is traffic to blogs?

Good. Even before we talked or move ahead deeper into blogging, there were aims of blogging by individuals. I blog regularly and post interesting articles for people to read. One question is that, how often do they visit my blog to read? Great. There is much important of readership and viewing of blogs content by a considerably higher number of visitors. I like blogging everyday in spite if having less or no visitors coming in to read my content or view my videos.


For the first one year, however, it is sad to hear that not even a single coin would be earned into such a hardworking person’s pocket after blogging for a full year. Well. It is not so bad to be broke on the side of blogging that one should be regretful about it. Not always that blogging consistently pays, but it adds a lot of traffic to the content full time day and night. The consistency is one big factor which would lead to increase of traffic to a blog that is growing to maturity. More people would have interest in reading the articles that are typed in that particular blog.


Blogging refers to writing of articles for a certain targeted group of people to read them and benefit from the content in there at the blog. For a blog to attract more readers, it must have content which is of late events and trends. But the most important thing is to create an interesting content for a blog. The content should consist of what most of the readers in the blogging market need. If the content of the blog speaks of the past and not in the good historical terms, it becomes boring and few people read the content and become satisfied. The content should stick in the blog and the blogger as an administrator should keep updating it but not removing it from the timeline page.

Paid traffic.

This is all about being charge for certain groups or number of people to come and read you blog’s content. Paid traffic is mutually beneficial since it is an assuring thing that the blog is going to have readers within a particular period of time. Paid traffic also leads to increase in the total traffic for a blog since people reading the content will keep changing when traffic is paid for another time, therefore increasing the engagement of the blog with the new and different leaders from around the world.

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